“I love being part of a global organisation based on the goodwill of people and with a meaningful purpose. I am constantly learning about different things.”


“I got new friends and new skills that complement mine! I built a relationship of friendship, union and teamwork with people from other countries.”


“I learned about the different approaches that people could have on the same issue. I acquired leadership skills like active listening and cultural awareness.”

Corporate talent

“The methodology brings a new, innovative approach to my expertise for time management, coordinating work and collaborating with external stakeholders.”

Impact-driven startup

“The methodology brings a new, innovative approach to my expertise in time management, coordinating work and collaborating with external stakeholders”


Is it free to access the learning materials?

Yes, you access all entrepreneurial content for free. This is not a limited content offer, you get all of it. You will get more personalised support and certificates with premium paid licenses. It is your choice to get these extra add-ons.

Really, all content?

ALL entrepreneurial content without limitation is free once you are admitted and unless YOU choose premium add-ons. In other words, we do NOT provide a free teaser with limited content or a free trial. It is the real entrepreneurial content.

What is the success fee?

If your enterprise developed with our training raises money, we get 10% of the round with a cap (equity-free!). If you get a job from our corporate partner, we charge you 25% of your first salary for 4 months. No funded startup nor a new job means no fee.

What is in me for me?

Meet people, learn and have an impact for free.

  • We introduce you like-minded people in the topic you are passionate about. You can start having an impact in climate change, poverty, garbage management, and many more. You name the topic when you apply, we will work hard to find you the right match!

  • Self-paced and real-life project-based learning. You define the project with your team, we provide you the guidance to learn soft and entrepreneurial digital skills to make your project happen.

  • We assess your upskilling. If your project does not work, you still learn (a lot!).

  • Join our community of changemakers!

  • You can always bring new teammates onboard. We will welcome them!

Can I get even more things?

Yes, you can unlock great features for a very small fee!

  • We will introduce you corporate partners to find your next job. You only pay if you get a new job!

  • Team and individual certificates for each learning tool.

  • Participate in networking events.

  • Personalised feedback and mentoring.

  • Adaptive learning to optimise learning with tools you truly need (coming)


  • Is there a limitation on the content I can access for free?

    You get progressive access to the same entrepreneurial content as in a premium licence. This means you cannot skip tools or select targeted training modules. You need to advance step-by-step through each tool. If at any time you wish to have add-ons to our free tools or select a specific training, you will be able to opt-in for a fee.

  • What are the actual fees then?

    1) Upfront 9.99 to avoid spammers. If your circumstances do not allow you to pay it, write to us at info@shapinghorizons.org. We will waive the fee. 2) Content: free other than premium add-ons. 3) Success fee: if you get hired by our corporate partners or if you raise money for your enterprise, we charge you a success fee as described in the programme's T&C. We work with you to achieve your success!

  • Do you get equity of the enterprises created with your tools?

    No, we do not.

  • Who owns the intellectual property (IP)?

    Shaping Horizons does not claim any IP and is not liable to solve any disputes within teams. However, Shaping Horizons does retain rights to use solutions developed for academic, outreach, and publicity purposes.

  • Is Shaping Horizons a charity or an NGO?

    No, we are not. We are a value-driven for-profit social enterprise committed to re-invest the majority of our profit on empowering and upskilling young people.

  • I love your vision. Can I somehow support you?

    You can actually. You may volunteer or donate money. Learn more at shapinghorizons.org

  • Do I need to be of a certain age to participate?

    Yes, you have to be over 18 years old.

  • Can I particiapte individually? Or as a team?

    We have programmes both for individuals who we match to teammates and for early-stage teams or startups too.

  • Does Shaping Horizons have an entrepreneurial network and/or community?

    Yes, we have a specialised network you will join for free once you advance through your training.